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Persona 4 Golden Save Tool 1.7

So I’ve recently gotten ahold of the Steam port for P4G and discovered a nifty little save editor to fix a save state I had messed up. It is open source, but it lacked some of the features I wanted and was not 100% compatible with the PC port of the game.

So a short while later, I modified the tool to be able to fully support the PC port. You can find it in the tools section! I’ve also made some other improvements:

  • ADDED: Support for the PC port of the game (update the MD5 in .binslot file)
  • ADDED: “Quest Items” category to the items tab
  • CHANGED: Updated and cleaned some of the code
  • CHANGED: Modified the about dialog slightly
  • CHANGED: Added a NEWS.txt
  • CHANGED: Only enable save menu items after opening a file to prevent crashes
  • FIXED: Crash when selecting the “Other” item category

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New Host

After some jackass tried attacking our old website host, and it’s content went offline for some time. That was not due to a successful attack but rather dissatisfaction with the hosting company. We have since moved to a new host with modern software and HTTPS support. Do enjoy.

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Slow TomTom

Cherish your old satnav, despite it being a bit slow? Have map updates you want to transfer over, but it takes 14 hours or more to complete? Here is a hint: stay away from USB3 ports, that should speed up the transfer… Way to go, TomTom (One, XL).

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Off for holidays, and still can’t keep fingers away from this project! The past year was quite eventful, with some relases that did not make it in time for the years end. However, a new version of NetInventory is almost ready for release. Keep your eyes out for a lot of fixes to the whole tool suite.
We would like to take the chance and wish all visitors of this site great holidays, as well as a happy and prosperous new year. May all your wishes come true!

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New Server

We recently moved to a new server within our host after having some reliability problems. Apart from this one being faster, it also has a better connection to the Internet. We are sorry for the problems some users had, and hope they are gone now. Big thanks to our host and site admin for the quick help and the excellent new configuration interface!

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Developments have been slow for almost 2 months now due to personal matters and work. As things are slowly clearing up a bit, we are getting started again. Strangely, the number of bug reports from testers has decreased almost at the same rate as the development speed has… So, things should really get serious now as to our first releases on the new platform.

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