Miscellaneous tools created during the lifetime of the project.

Dirty Port TT

New in our Tools section: Dirty Port Testing Tool, a tiny utility to open a TCP listener and connect to it from the same UI, simple and fast. Developed in about one hour after being increasingly frustrated with having to test dozens of ports and hosts in multiple firewall setups in a lab environment…

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FileIndexer 2.1.3577

Our first release to be built with the newly released Visual Studio 2010, this version fixes an annoying bug: searching several times and using the clear button to empty the resulting list caused the same files to be found multiple times. On a more technical side, WiX is now used as installer toolkit, replacing VDProject. In addition, some cosmetic changes have been made. The file is available in the Misc section.

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Vis Solis

Another piece of contract work completed: this one involved solar power panels and inverters from Austrian manufacturer Fronius. Developed a generic, object oriented data fetching backend and set it up to transmit the data to a database over a HTTP tunnel. One visible outcome of the project can be found here: VS Seeham.
Enjoyed working with the guys responsible for the project and the web frontend development, here’s hoping we will have some future projects together.

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FileIndexer 2.1.3257

Two rather annoying problems in the previous FileIndexer have been discovered, hence a new version is now available. A dodgy problem where some zeros were missing in MD5 hashes has been solved, as well as an application exception when locked files were being accessed. Also, SHA1 hashes can now be generated in addition to CRC32 and MD5. The file is available in the Misc section.

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FileIndexer 2.1

Following the announcement in the previous news entry, the latest version of FileIndexer is now available for download. This release mainly features a new interface design without a main menu, a much improved search engine that now allows for stopping search operations, and quite a few other new features. A couple of nasty bugs have been fixed as well, notably errors when processing files without an extension, and trying to search protected file system folders, such as “System Volume Information” in NTFS.
As usual, the download can be found in the Miscellaneous section.

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With the latest round of Linux distribution releases just being completed, notably Ubuntu and Fedora, it was time to give Linux another shot, along with the latest Mono version, to be able and run our projects in a free (as in speech) environment.
Seems like vbnc, the free VB compiler, has still its fair share of issues, so efforts were put into porting the vware Libraries to C#, as well as a small project that uses it: FileIndexer. All said and done, after ironing out a lot of conversion errors, both projects compile and run just fine in Microsofts .NET implementation as well as Mono. Expect both to be released rather soon, as using C# inspired me to include a few new features.

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FileIndexer 2.0.2901

The latest version of FileIndexer is available for download. This is our first release using the new compilers from Microsoft, which have obviously been improved to produce smaller and faster executables. Other than infrastructure improvements, the main changes to this version include various efficiency optimizations and convenience features. A single bug has been fixed from the previous release, which would allow for empty entries to be added to the recent folder and search pattern lists. The full list of changes is included with the installer.

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WallChanger 2.0

Yet another release of an old VB6-based project in new .NET glory! This little tool was inspired by a special friend of mine some time ago, so if you want to change your wallpapers periodically, give this little tool a try. As always, it can be found in our Downloads -> Miscellaneous section.
As a side note, the now obsolete tools have been moved to the Nostalgia section. This affects the legacy version of WallChanger, as well as the preliminary and now obsolete KeyLogger project. Both are now merely kept for reference, together with the GFA Basic projects.

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FileIndexer 2.0

The next version of FileIndexer is available now at the Miscellaneous downloads section. The program has been revamped completely, with the code converted to use the .NET Framework 2. This brings a few major additions and changes, as well as improvements to the overall performance. This is the second release from vware to use the vware Libraries, which have been further stabilized. The legacy VB6 version of FileIndexer is still available in the Nostalgia section.

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