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ClanTools are back

Well, to be exact, the changelog for ClanTools is back. But that only happened for a good reason: about 2 years after the then-final release of ClanTools 2.0.4, new versions for IRCScore, NTPAlarm, PUTimer, and SFind are in development.
As announced earlier, IRCScore has received the most work so far, and is already quite usable, with all benefits that the switch to the .NET Framework brings with it. All tools are under heavy development at the moment, you can expect some of the tools to be released seperately in an alpha test.

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Scorebot, anyone?

You might probably be visiting this site because of the ClanTools package, which actually made vware a little popular in the first place. Development was given up quite some time ago, but at the moment IrcScore is being converted to make use of the latest technology. IrcScore is a scorebot which is capable of querying servers of 17 different games and post their status into IRC. You might even see a revival of the bot in a heavily upgraded incarnation… The current version is available as part of the ClanTools package.

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