New look

And yes, it is extremely fancy… expect no less from a design-impaired programmer. Still, plenty of updates all around!

New Host

After some jackass tried attacking our old website host, and it’s content went offline for some time. That was not due to a successful attack but rather dissatisfaction with the hosting company. We have since moved to a new host with modern software and HTTPS support. Do enjoy.

own3d Video

A long term friend and source of inspriation started a gaming related community site named own3d some years ago. With a recent development towards video hosting, the need for a simple to use video transcoding tool was born.
Presenting our first cooperation after a long break, we would like to hint you at the little x264 video converter tool which is available for site subscribers. Hopefully a lot of users will find it easy enough to create and share their videos! The video site is currently in beta and can be checked out here:


Since gmail seems to be becoming one of the major spam platforms these days, new user registrations have been disabled for a while. In the unlikely case that someone actually wanted to register: sorry. The system is now open again, to find out if the Google guys managed to do something against the spam bots.
Wasn’t the Internet a much nicer place when we all didn’t have to worry about spam?

Damn Spam!

Not only is spam omnipresent in everyone’s email inbox these days, even this very site is target of hundreds of spambots which try posting thousands of comments on our news entries. To prevent this, comments have been disabled for a while. Now, we are using Akismet in the hopes to get rid of spam, whilst allowing our users to comment on entries.

New Server

We recently moved to a new server within our host after having some reliability problems. Apart from this one being faster, it also has a better connection to the Internet. We are sorry for the problems some users had, and hope they are gone now. Big thanks to our host and site admin for the quick help and the excellent new configuration interface!

Accounts available

During the process of moving from the old site, all user accounts that were registered before the move are now available again. Feel free to log in and comment on our stuff.

Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new site of vware! The move to another CMS was necessary because of security issues with the old software, as well as a severe lack of time to take care of the design and content. We hope you will enjoy this clearer and simpler version.

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