WinUAE Help 3.0.2

A little gift before we end the 2010s – go grab the latest help file from the download section and have a happy and successful next decade!

WinUAE Help 3.0.1

After the massive update last time around, only minor changes this time. Caught up with WinUAE 4.2 thanks to Peter, and made some minor corrections. Go download it! Also, this is some anniversary: 20 years ago, I started pulling together the first content of the help file together with Brian King. How time passes…

WinUAE Help 3.0

A bit of a late Christmas gift, the revamped official WinUAE Help file version 3.0 has been released. Also, the (now preferred) online version is up to date with the latest developments in the emulator.

New look

And yes, it is extremely fancy… expect no less from a design-impaired programmer. Still, plenty of updates all around!

WinUAE Help 2.2.15 & Online

There is a new version of the WinUAE Help file available as of now, which is 2.2.15. You may grab the updated version in our downloads section, as usual. Also, in a rare case of promised and actually completed some work: the online version of the WinUAE Help is now up-to-date with the latest development! …

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As you might have noticed, is now redirected to, in an effort to switch all offerings to encrypted HTTP. Also, working on updating that site, as it has collected some dust over the years…

New Host

After some jackass tried attacking our old website host, and it’s content went offline for some time. That was not due to a successful attack but rather dissatisfaction with the hosting company. We have since moved to a new host with modern software and HTTPS support. Do enjoy.

WinUAE Help 2.2.14

Business as usual: Peter has been toiling away on our latest revision of the official WinUAE Help file. Meanwhile, I am working on a way to deliver it’s content easier and in more ways than in the last decade or so. Stay tuned, and grab the file at the usual place.

FileIndexer 2.2.6285

A new version of FileIndexer is available, fixing a rather nasty bug, and adding support for SHA-256 hashes. Grab it in the Tools section, as usual.

Printing Woes

Microsoft has graced us with a new security update that patches a flaw in the printer spooler service. So far, so ordinary. This had some unforseen consequences: deploying printers in a Active Directory domain might not work as expected anymore for certain printers, logging “0x80070bcb Specified printer driver was not found and needs to be …

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