NetInventory 2.0

Miracles do happen. No, really. After almost 4 years, a new major release of NetInventory is now available! And it has been an eventful time: 160000 lines of code have been changed. 2 new tools have joined the package to round out the functionality. Dozens of bugs have been fixed along with a almost complete …

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NetInventory 1.0.1

A new update 1.0.1 to NetInventory is now available on the NetInventory download page. This is mainly a bugfix and stability release, with the most changes shipping in the vware Libraries, which have undergone a lot of code hardening. Nevertheless, the database has seen a very slight modification, which will force you to refresh your …

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“One ought to look a good deal at oneself before thinking of condemning others.” – this quote of Molière may also apply to computer users. While NetInventory served people well in terms of auditing hundreds of machines and evaluating the results based on database queries, it is still rather inefficient for viewing details of one …

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NetInventory 1.0

We are pleased to announce our first stable release based on the new .NET platform provided by Microsoft. As usual, the online help is available in its most current version.

NetInventory 1.0.0-RC2

We are happy to announce the first public release of one of our programs in quite some time: Release Candiate 2 of NetInventory. You are welcome to test it, make suggestions, and help us fix remaining bugs. In general, this version should already be quite stable, due to a intense testing period. So far, the …

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Lazy Admins

Whilst NetInventory is nearing its initial release, we have found that being able to do certain tasks with a remote machine is a daily task for Administrators. Therefore, LABF is currently in co-development with NetInventory. This tool will allow for joining/unjoining domains, changing Services, Processes, shutdown batches of machines, etc. All tools will merely interface …

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