This page contains miscellaneous tools and little helper programs that have been useful over the years.


Easy to use tool that searches for files within a given directory or drive.


  • Searches multiple folders
  • Support for file patterns and recursion
  • Matches time criteria (created, last access, last change)
  • Custom list output format editor, including preview
  • CRC32, MD5, SHA1, and SHA-256 hashes
  • Writes results to a text file or the clipboard

Version: 2.2.6285
Download: FileIndexer
File size: 1.00 MB

Dirty Port Testing Tool

Tiny utility for verifying connectivity when testing or configuring network components.


  • Locally create a simple TCP listener on any port
  • Connect to any TCP listener remote or locally
  • Send messages back and forth

Version: 1.0.4577.20809
Download: Dirty Port Testing Tool
File size: 38 kB

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