Hall of Fame

These are the honorable people who donated in chronological order. A big thanks to all of them, regardless of the amount, the gesture is awesome and much appreciated:

  • Andy van der Steen
  • Robert Zeilinger
  • Mervin Beng
  • Dean Wadsworth
  • Richard Lees
  • Joseph Szymkowicz
  • Roland Klemenz
  • hexchain
  • diemadedrei
  • hexchain (again)
  • Michael Stieber
  • Lo Yuk Fai
  • Christoph Buchwald
  • Michael Stieber (again)
  • Robin Tschirschnitz
  • Daniel Simon
  • Frantisek Simorda
  • Christian Köhler
  • Daniel Simon (again; Sony Xperia Z)
  • Jürgen Reiner
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