NetInventory is a PC inventory program that gathers more than 180 different types of information about hardware and software. This includes information such as CPU, memory, hard drives, and serial numbers; details about the operating system, installed software, and software components; configuration information such as IP address, running processes, and services; security-related information such as shared resources, modems, account policies, and security patches.

Information can be gathered by Collector either in the background or – when used by an Administrator – compile information about machines remotely over a network. The information is stored in a relational database like an Access file or on SQL Server.

Reporter is a small query program to query the resulting database for specific metrics and displaying them in a table. Some common queries are included, but reports can be changed or added by the user.

Egoist on the other hand, displays results of a single machine in a more structured manner, which is easier to follow. It may gather it’s data directly from the machine it is running on, or from the NetInventory database.

As the latest addition, LABF is intended to be a swiss army knife for Administrators too lazy to get up their seats. It connects to remote machines over the network, and allows processes to be terminated, services to be reconfigured, and disk checks to be scheduled, among other common tasks.

To round out the application suite, UserAudit has been designed to fetch security relevant information about users in ActiveDirectory networks.

Latest stable release of NetInventory. Requires .NET 2.0 and MDAC to be installed. If they are not installed, the setup program will attempt to download and install these components.


Version: 2.0
Download: NetInventory Setup Package
File size: 2.8 MB

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