Back to the Roots

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Ralf Steines has reappeared on the Internet after a long break. Along with him, back 2 the ROOTS (bttr) has seen a glorious revival. For years, this has been the place to go, the definitive archive for content related to Amigas, and it still is. If you have never …

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WallChanger 2.0

Yet another release of an old VB6-based project in new .NET glory! This little tool was inspired by a special friend of mine some time ago, so if you want to change your wallpapers periodically, give this little tool a try. As always, it can be found in our Downloads -> Miscellaneous section. As a …

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10th Anniversary

10 years ago, the first code I wrote on PCs was published on the Internet. Sadly moving away from the dead Amiga platform, GFA-BASIC helped to find the way to Windows 16/32 programming. Some geeks were just about starting with the internet about a year before that, and so was I, finding a small but …

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