Rather old and obsolete projects, or re-releases of older stuff.

Back to the Roots

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Ralf Steines has reappeared on the Internet after a long break. Along with him, back 2 the ROOTS (bttr) has seen a glorious revival. For years, this has been the place to go, the definitive archive for content related to Amigas, and it still is. If you have never heard of bttr, and do have just the slightest interest in the history of computers: go there now. Needless to say, this is awesome news for the whole community, and everyone keeping the Amiga alive.
As a side effect, bttr is also back in its role of providing hosting for the online version of the WinUAE emulator help file. sports the same content as the official help files for WinUAE, but is kept up to date as evolution of the file goes on.

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WallChanger 2.0

Yet another release of an old VB6-based project in new .NET glory! This little tool was inspired by a special friend of mine some time ago, so if you want to change your wallpapers periodically, give this little tool a try. As always, it can be found in our Downloads -> Miscellaneous section.
As a side note, the now obsolete tools have been moved to the Nostalgia section. This affects the legacy version of WallChanger, as well as the preliminary and now obsolete KeyLogger project. Both are now merely kept for reference, together with the GFA Basic projects.

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10th Anniversary

10 years ago, the first code I wrote on PCs was published on the Internet. Sadly moving away from the dead Amiga platform, GFA-BASIC helped to find the way to Windows 16/32 programming. Some geeks were just about starting with the internet about a year before that, and so was I, finding a small but very active and helpful community for GFA. What a nice time it was when companies such as Google were not yet founded and the term “spam” did not even exist. Nobody had to worry about DRM or other so-called improvements to using computers back then…
Long live the past, although we need to take care of the future… for now.

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