Persona 4 Golden Save Tool 1.7

So I’ve recently gotten ahold of the Steam port for P4G and discovered a nifty little save editor to fix a save state I had messed up. It is open source, but it lacked some of the features I wanted and was not 100% compatible with the PC port of the game.

So a short while later, I modified the tool to be able to fully support the PC port. You can find it in the tools section! I’ve also made some other improvements:

  • ADDED: Support for the PC port of the game (update the MD5 in .binslot file)
  • ADDED: “Quest Items” category to the items tab
  • CHANGED: Updated and cleaned some of the code
  • CHANGED: Modified the about dialog slightly
  • CHANGED: Added a NEWS.txt
  • CHANGED: Only enable save menu items after opening a file to prevent crashes
  • FIXED: Crash when selecting the “Other” item category

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