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Wasn’t the Internet a much nicer place when we all didn’t have to worry about spam?

WinUAE Help 2.1.4

After the recent release of WinUAE version 1.5, the latest help file is now available for download. It has been updated with information for the latest emulator version, and received some other various enhancements, such as a size reduction. Download as usual here.

FileIndexer 2.1

Following the announcement in the previous news entry, the latest version of FileIndexer is now available for download. This release mainly features a new interface design without a main menu, a much improved search engine that now allows for stopping search operations, and quite a few other new features. A couple of nasty bugs have been fixed as well, notably errors when processing files without an extension, and trying to search protected file system folders, such as “System Volume Information” in NTFS.
As usual, the download can be found in the Miscellaneous section.


With the latest round of Linux distribution releases just being completed, notably Ubuntu and Fedora, it was time to give Linux another shot, along with the latest Mono version, to be able and run our projects in a free (as in speech) environment.
Seems like vbnc, the free VB compiler, has still its fair share of issues, so efforts were put into porting the vware Libraries to C#, as well as a small project that uses it: FileIndexer. All said and done, after ironing out a lot of conversion errors, both projects compile and run just fine in Microsofts .NET implementation as well as Mono. Expect both to be released rather soon, as using C# inspired me to include a few new features.

Windows Vista OEM Activation for DELL

With the recently released Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista, many people obviously want to install Windows with a slipstreamed DVD. However, somehow MS messed up the Vista servicing stack, and therefore, it is not possible to slipstream the update and create your own SP1 install media.

So what if you want to install Windows Vista Service Pack 1 as OEM installation? You may acquire a legal copy of a DVD with SP1 already applied, and make it a fully valid OEM copy all by yourself. Be aware that this procedure applies to DELL installations only, as we have no information where the othere OEMs store their certificates.

Preparations needed before you reinstall:

  • Copy the folder [SYSTEM32]\OEM to a safe place
  • Find out your Windows serial using JellyBean 2

You may wipe your Windows installation now and reinstall the operating system without a serial number. Be sure to select the correct edition of your license when installing, though!

After installing Windows without a serial number, do the following:

  • Restore the folder [SYSTEM32]\OEM from your backup
  • Start an elevated command prompt (e.g. run [SYSTEM32]\cmd.exe as Administrator)
  • Change into the [SYSTEM32]\OEM directory and type the following commands:
    • slmgr -ilc [CERTIFICATE]
    • slmgr -ipk [PRODUCTKEY]
    • slmgr -ato

Execution of each commands takes a while, so be patient and wait for a message box to pop up before you type the next command in the chain. Also, the following pathes are assumed:

  • [SYSTEM32] is the path to your system directory, typically C:\Windows\System32
  • [CERTIFICATE] is the name of your cert file you backed up before reinstalling, in this case DELL.XRM-MS
  • [PRODUCTKEY] is the key you wrote down before reinstalling

Be aware that this guide only works on DELL machines. Also, it is imperative you already have a working OEM installation of Windows Vista you can get the installation key from. We do not support piracy of any kind, and we will not hand out any certificate files or serial numbers! This is solely for people who want to install a fresh copy of Vista SP1 without waiting for the OEM to deliver new media.

WinUAE Help 2.1.3

The latest version is available for download now. This one includes the new logo which is derived from the original Amiga logos and the artwork in the WinUAE installer. Additionally, the links and index entries have been cleaned up, and a couple of other quality improvements have been made.

Help is Home

The online version of WinUAE Help is now hosted right here at vware: The content will stay the same, so this is now the place to go. A big thanks to Ralf Steines is due, who provided the hosting for the online version for several years ever since it was started. The previous site will be updated with some additional content and links to point to the new location at some point.

WinUAE Help 2.1.2

Pleased to announce the latest version of the official help file for WinUAE. As usual, the file can be found in the Emulation section. There are also several other plans for WinUAE going on at the moment, including the move of the online version over to this page, as well as reviving translated versions of the file. If you are interested in working on a translation of the file, please contact me or Peter. You may also leave a message in the comments.


Off for holidays, and still can’t keep fingers away from this project! The past year was quite eventful, with some relases that did not make it in time for the years end. However, a new version of NetInventory is almost ready for release. Keep your eyes out for a lot of fixes to the whole tool suite.
We would like to take the chance and wish all visitors of this site great holidays, as well as a happy and prosperous new year. May all your wishes come true!

FileIndexer 2.0.2901

The latest version of FileIndexer is available for download. This is our first release using the new compilers from Microsoft, which have obviously been improved to produce smaller and faster executables. Other than infrastructure improvements, the main changes to this version include various efficiency optimizations and convenience features. A single bug has been fixed from the previous release, which would allow for empty entries to be added to the recent folder and search pattern lists. The full list of changes is included with the installer.

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