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NetInventory is a PC inventory program that gathers more than 180 different types of information about hardware and software. This includes information such as CPU, memory, hard drives, and serial numbers; details about the operating system, installed software, and software components; configuration information such as IP address, running processes, and services; security-related information such as shared resources, modems, account policies, and security patches.

Information can be gathered by Collector either in the background or – when used by an Administrator – compile information about machines remotely over a network. The information is stored in a relational database like an Access file or on SQL Server.

Reporter is a small query program to query the resulting database for specific metrics and displaying them in a table. Some common queries are included, but reports can be changed or added by the user.

Egoist on the other hand, displays results of a single machine in a more structured manner, which is easier to follow. It may gather it’s data directly from the machine it is running on, or from the NetInventory database.

As the latest addition, LABF is intended to be a swiss army knife for Administrators too lazy to get up their seats. It connects to remote machines over the network, and allows processes to be terminated, services to be reconfigured, and disk checks to be scheduled, among other common tasks.

To round out the application suite, UserAudit has been designed to fetch security relevant information about users in ActiveDirectory networks.

Latest stable release of NetInventory. Requires .NET 2.0 and MDAC to be installed. If they are not installed, the setup program will attempt to download and install these components.


Version: 2.0
Download: NetInventory Setup Package
File size: 2.8 MB


vware works on and offers freeware, open source contributions, contract work, and general tech rants since 1997. A tremendous amount of work goes into development, contribution, and testing of software and articles (and rants!).

If you happen to like my efforts, buy me a beer :) If you want to stay anonymous or appear in the hall of fame with a nickname, leave a donation comment or write me a mail.

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If you are feeling extra-crazy, here are some desirable items:


WinUAE is the premier Amiga emulator. The official help file for the project can be downloaded below. It integrates into the main WinUAE user interface, and not only provides detailed information on the program settings, but also on the background of the developers and Amiga technology.

WinUAE Official Help

WinUAE Help

Latest release of the official help file for WinUAE.

Last Update: 1 July 2017
Version: 2.2.14
Download: WinUAE Official Help
File size: 1.7 MB


Nostalgic versions of software developed. Some entries from other categories go here once they get old enough… The projects are in reverse chronological order, so at the bottom of this page, one can find projects written all the way back in 1997 using the 16 Bit GFA BASIC language.


Tool to periodically change wallpapers in Windows, minimalistic interface.
Language: C# on .NET 2.0
Version: 2.0.2816.22841
Download: WallChanger
File size: 526 kB


DLL for use with mIRC clients. Useful for scripters, supports system information querying, Winamp controlling, and more…
Language: Visual C++ 6
Version: 1.2.1
Download: IRCInfo
File size: 34 kB


Client/Server architectured program to monitor keypresses on multiple machines, allows execution of several commands on the target machine, including shutdown.
Language: Visual Basic 6
Version: 1.0
Download: KeyLog
File size: 98 kB

VTools – German

V-Tools is a compilation of GFABasic programs with various purposes. Some of them have been packed into the commercial version as example projects. English version.
NOTE: You need 16-bit GFABasic to run the programs!
Language: GFABasic 16Bit 4.38
Version: 2.05
Download: VTools – German
File size: 373.33 kB

VTools – English

V-Tools is a compilation of GFABasic programs with various purposes. Some of them have been packed into the commercial version as example projects. German version.
NOTE: You need 16-bit GFABasic to run the programs!
Language: GFABasic 16Bit 4.38
Version: 2.05
Download: VTools – English
File size: 370.37 kB


The title says it all: this page contains miscellaneous tools and little helper programs that have been useful over the years.



Easy to use tool that searches for files within a given directory or drive.

– Searches multiple folders
– Support for file patterns and recursion
– Matches time criteria (created, last access, last change)
– Custom list output format editor, including preview
– CRC32, MD5, SHA1, and SHA-256 hashes
– Writes results to a text file or the clipboard

Version: 2.2.6285
Download: FileIndexer
File size: 1.00 MB

Dirty Port Testing Tool


Tiny utility for verifying connectivity when testing or configuring network components.

– Locally create a simple TCP listener on any port
– Connect to any TCP listener remote or locally
– Send messages back and forth

Version: 1.0.4577.20809
Download: Dirty Port Testing Tool
File size: 38 kB

Clan Tools

Clan Tools is a package of programs designed to help online gamers in various tasks. Most prominent in the package are IRCScore and SFind. IRCScore is a scorebot for more than 15 different online games, and supports advanced posting options to IRC. SFind is a simple and lean server browser which can be used to monitor game servers and launch the according game.


Latest release of the Clan Tools package. Installer package with all components needed. This is the recommended flavour.

Version: 2.0.4
Download: Clan Tools Installer
File size: 4.31 MB
MD5: B60E09F41CF011DA3AF08146AF792EA5


Same components as the installer, but in a ZIP file. Of course, does not create shortcuts, has no uninstall system, does not contain required runtime libraries and shared components.

Version: 2.0.4
Download: Clan Tools ZIP
File size: 2.69 MB
MD5: 072AF0A5A81DACDD95D81DFF639D2660

Database Upgrade

Database with the latest information from www.IP-to-Country.com. Highly recommended update for SFind, extract over the existing file in the SFind program directory.

Version: March 2007
Download: Country database update
File size: 514 kB


vware is home to Clan Tools and NetInventory, and also home to the official WinUAE help content. In addition, to keep folks somewhat entertained, rants and experiments for cameras, phones, and the IT industry in general.


I started programming on a C64 that I hijacked from my father at the age of 6, and later continued in autodidactic style on a Amiga 2000 using GFA-BASIC. In 1995, we switched from the then defunct Amiga to the Windows platform with a bleeding heart.

The vware project started in the year 1997, when I was writing sample code for GFA-BASIC on Windows 95, which was later published on Dale Bryant’s GFAWHelp page. Since the samples evolved into several “complete” programs, I thought I would need a name for my programming efforts – vware was born. VTools German and VTools English are still both available with complete sources. Later, I became a beta tester for the new GFA-Basic 32 language, and some of my samples were published together with the IDE and compiler.

After the release of Quake III Arena in 1999, I got into multiplayer gaming, and a member of my clan OBC created a power up timer which was used by coaches during trainings and matches. He included a mean program activation system, and the handling was quite complicated. Since this was a great chance to play with DirectX sound, I decided to code my own timer. This evolved into Clan Tools, which included a IRC score bot, a server browser, and some other tools. Clan Tools had been used by people all over the world, and got me some limited fame in the gaming community. People grew up, work begun using up their time – and like many other things, the vware project started changing.

The latest bigger coding project is NetInventory, a system that allows for querying remote Windows machines and collecting all sorts of data in a database for auditing. The system was originally written for my company, but thanks to our General Manager was later moved over to being a freeware project.

Nowadays, time for developing freeware has grown rather short, due to work, contract jobs, and a major interest for various open source projects such as CHDK, for which I created a port to the IXUS 970, and CyanogenMod, for which I maintain Sony’s Fusion3 platform.

A lot of utilities and little tools have been created over the years, either for personal use or to make tiny jobs more automated, and all the software available on this site has always been free of charge, always will be.

Voluntary donations are welcome, though – one needs coffee and beer, after all!