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WinUAE Help 2.2.3

All WinUAE fans know the drill by now: the new version is now out, tailored towards WinUAE 2.4, thanks to Peter yet again! Feel free to grab the file in the downloads section or access the online version.

WinUAE Help 2.2.1

Time for a fresh version of your favorite help file! Quite a few pages have been updated to meet today’s requirements, and outdated or irrelevant information has been removed, courtesy of Aleksander Chyliński. As always, the help also includes information about the latest WinUAE. Download the file for on-line help in the emulator itself or …

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WinUAE Help 2.2

The latest help file is available for download, and the online version is up to date as well.

WinUAE Help 2.1.9

Sporting only minor changes this time around, the latest help file is up for grabs in the downloads section.

WinUAE Help 2.1.8

Peter has been working on updating the WinUAE Help File – feel free to download the result of his work at our WinUAE section or check the online version.

WinUAE Help 2.1.7

Thanks to the hard work of Peter Hutchison, we can present you with a little Christmas gift this year: the official WinUAE Help file in version 2.1.7! Find the ZIP file in the WinUAE download section, but the online version is up to date as well in case you prefer to view the help in …

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WinUAE Help 2.1.6

Yet another fine update by Peter, you can now grab the latest file from the Downloads section.

WinUAE Help 2.1.5

Following the release of WinUAE 1.5.3, the help file is now also up to date and available for download. Of course, the online version already offers the new content as well. Kudos to Peter Hutchinson for contributing the lion’s share of this update.

WinUAE Help 2.1.4

After the recent release of WinUAE version 1.5, the latest help file is now available for download. It has been updated with information for the latest emulator version, and received some other various enhancements, such as a size reduction. Download as usual here.

WinUAE Help 2.1.3

The latest version is available for download now. This one includes the new logo which is derived from the original Amiga logos and the artwork in the WinUAE installer. Additionally, the links and index entries have been cleaned up, and a couple of other quality improvements have been made.

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