Emulating the Custom Chipset is comparatively slow, instead, you can use the PC's graphics card. This also gives access to higher resolutions and better color modes.

Set Up

  • To use this feature, you must select at least a 68020 CPU with a 32 bit address space in the CPU tab. You also need a Kickstart 3.x ROM.
  • To specify how much graphics memory you want to emulate, you must adjust the RTG in the RAM tab.
  • Make sure Full Screen RTG is enabled on the Display tab.

Then, you need the Picasso 96 software which is not distributed with WinUAE. Version 1.31 or higher is recommended. Once the software is installed on the emulated Amiga, it must be rebooted. After that new display modes will be available - which are identified as uaegfx - from the ScreenModes program on the Amiga.

Maximize Stability and Performance

Make sure you utilize the latest rtg.library which is located in the Amiga Programs folder of your WinUAE installation. You have to copy that file into the following directory on your Workbench drive: libs:picasso96.
Start the program p96_uae_tweak from the Amiga Programs folder if you notice large slowdown when 16bit AHI is activated.

Trouble Shooting

  • Currently only Permedia 2 and Voodoo cards are compatible with the Warp3D driver software for 3D games on the Amiga.
  • If you get no Picasso screens larger than 1024x768 in 32bit, you have to copy picasso96fix from the Amiga Programs directory to a drive in your emulated Amiga, and load it in the startup-sequence before the LoadWB command.

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