• You need an AR 1, AR 2 or 3 ROM (see below for rip instructions)
  • Set path to Action Replay ROM in the GUI as Cartridge ROM file.
  • Freeze button = Page Up
  • Don't use AR support to save game states, use the built-in state save option instead, it is much faster and more compatible.
  • WARNING: Action Replay may have problems with fast Amigas or 68020+ CPUs, and the max supported FastRAM ram is 4MB.

ROM ripping instructions

Find an A500 with an Action replay-cartridge, press the 'freeze'-button, and enter the correct codes for the version of AR you have.

Action Replay 1

lord olaf<RETURN>

Action Replay 2 / 3

new<RETURN> (AR 3 only)

Writing the ROM to an empty Floppy

AR1: "sm ar1.rom,f00000 f10000"
AR2: "sm ar2.rom,400000 420000"
AR3: "sm ar3.rom,400000 440000"

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