The Amiga's unique hardware design is also reflected in how RAM is used.

  • The Fast RAM is for CPU's use only, capacity are differentiated by different CPU.
  • Chip RAM is shared between CPU and Custom Chips (up to 4MB), similar to other computers' Video RAM and Sound Buffer. In an Amiga, it can also be used by the CPU. A500 or A600 had 512kB or 1MB or Chip RAM, A1200 or A4000 had 2MB Chip. In WinUAE, up to 8MB can be configured (no real Amiga had this!)
  • Slow RAM is extra RAM added via the A500 trapdoor and is slower than Fast RAM, which is due to A500's architecture.
  • Z3-Fast is Fast RAM in Zorro 3 address space and can be used instead of Fast RAM.
  • RTG (graphics card) is memory for ReTargetable Graphics cards needed for Picasso 96 support.
  • Motherboard Fast RAM is memory fitted to the motherboard.
  • Processor Slot Fast RAM is memory fitted to a board in processor slot.
  • Second Z2 Fast RAM board is memory fitted to a 2nd Zorro 2 board.

Z3-Fast and RTG RAM is supported on the 68020, 68020+FPU and 68040 only. PPC systems will use Processor slot Fast RAM.

Depending on the processor variant, you can expand the RAM up to 10 MB or theoretically up to 2 GB. The limit of 2 GB is valid for the Amiga models A3000 and A4000. On the Motherboard of these computers you can plug in up to 18 MB RAM, and for every of the four Zorro-III bus expansion you can expand memory to the maximum.

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