Currently, there are 3 ways to print with WinUAE:

  • For the same way as on classic Amigas, you can set a parallel printer in the WinUAE settings tab Game & I/O Ports. Make sure Postscript detection and Post Script Printer Emulation are not checked. Now you can save your config and can start WinUAE and do the rest on the Amiga. If you use turboprint, do not use the turboprint spooler and chose parallel port or turbopar for the print device. If you print something you should see an entry in the Windows printer spooler.
  • If you have a printer that the Amiga does not support, you can choose the Postscript output. For this you need to install GhostScript for Windows. In WinUAE, select the printer and check the Postscript detection and Post Script Printer Emulation. Note: You can't change these settings while the emulation is running.
    Boot your emulated Amiga. There is a large probability that turboprint does not work with these printer settings, and prints out an empty page instead.
    Remove turbostart if you have it and chose the Workbench Postscript Printer. Please note that the OS3.5 and OS3.9 drivers crash when you use greyscale or black and white, this function also does not work on real Amigas. So either use an older driver or choose color instead. Set it on all printer preferences pages. You can chose the real output format in the Windows printer driver. The printer must dither colors, so it is important to chose 600 or 1200 dpi on the Windows side.
  • TurboPrint, GhostScript etc. are no longer required, or at least the EpsonQ emulator is the easiest way to print.

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