These settings let you control how parallel, serial and MIDI port emulations work.

WinUAE - I/O Ports

Parallel Port

This lets you specify which PC installed printer you want to use for printing on the Amiga side.
Type can be ASCII-Only for text only printing, Epson Matrix Printer Emulation for older dot matrix type printers, The Postscript (Passthrough) for the postscript language. NOTE: The Postscript printer emulator will use Ghostscript. Ghostscript additional command line parameters to send to Ghostscript.
Sampler can be None or DSound.
Stereo sampler is available if the sound sampler has been selected.

Serial Port

The drop down menu allows which host port to use. All ports including virtual ports on your PC will be available.
Shared will keep the port available for other programs
RTS/CTS handshaking can be enabled if it's required for modems or similar devices
Direct will fix PC to PC Lotus 2 serial link problems
uaeserial.device for access to different types of serial ports if a program requires it including multiple ports and unit numbers.


Out specifies the MIDI output device
In specifies the MIDI input device
Route MIDI in to MIDI Out forwards all input directly to the output device

Protection Dongle

Using the drop down list, one of the supported dongle types can be selected.

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