These settings allow you to choose how WinUAE will display your Amiga-generated graphics.

WinUAE - Display


Primary Display driver Here, you can select which screen or graphics card you can display your Amiga screen on, useful if you have multiple monitors connected to your system.
Fullscreen sets the full screen resolution (see Settings), color depth and the Frequency (usually set to screen Default).
Windowed This lets you change the resolution used for the Amiga displayed in a Window on the PC screen.
Window resize allows window to be resized after starting emulation. Hint: to keep the aspect ratio, press CTRL while resizing the window.
Refresh rate can be set to default, 56Hz, 60Hz NTSC, 72Hz or 75Hz.
Buffering. Select type of buffering required: No buffering, double or triple buffering.


Blacker than black
Remove interlace artifacts
Monochromee video out
Filtered Low Resolution will fix incorrect colors used in games that use the super hires trick.
VGA mode Resolution Autoswitch
Resolution can be set to Lores, Hires or Super Hires.
Resolution autoswitch can be disabled, always on, 10%, 33% or 66%.
Refresh rate will set how often the screen will be updated. Useful on slower PCs or graphics cards.
PAL or NTSC to set the video out mode
FPS adj is used to adjust the Frames per Second to the display to speed up or slow down the display (default is 50 fps)

Brightness levels can be set for the correct display set up.
Reset to defaults is used to update brightness settings back to defaults.


Checking the boxes will cause the Amiga output to be centered on the configured screen

Line mode

  • Single draws every line once.
  • Double draws every line twice. This allows interlace mode to be emulated nicely, but of course you also need a display that is twice as high.
  • Scanlines will not draw certain lines, leaving them black.
  • Double, frames or fields [+]

Interlaced line mode

Line mode when output is interlaced.

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