These settings allow you to manage config-files (which have the extension .uae). These files have both a name and description, and control the behavior of WinUAE. Basically, a configuration file is an encapsulation of the settings found on all the other pages in the GUI.

WinUAE - Configurations

You can load a configuration by selecting it from the list and then clicking the Load button, or by double-clicking a configuration in the list. You can use the Load from button to load a configuration from a different location on the hard disk. Click Start to begin the emulation.
Additionally, you can double-click any .uae config-file from the Windows Explorer, or from a Desktop Shortcut. The configuration will load, and if the Show GUI on Startup setting is disabled, WinUAE will immediately launch into emulation-mode, bypassing the GUI completely.
If you have a lot of configurations, you can use the Search or Filter boxes to list the required configurations you want to use.
To save your changes for a configuration which you've loaded, simply press the Save button. If you've made changes to a configuration and want to save it under a different name, simply change the Name field on this page of the GUI or select Save As. You can also adjust the Description field.
To remove an old configuration, select a configuration from the list, and click the Delete button.

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