WinUAE offers many command line parameters to control its startup behavior.

WinUAE Specific




Comma-separated list of disk images. Pre-loads disk images into the Disk Swapper mechanism.


Previously used to pass configuration parameters, currently ignored - see the -s parameter.


Load the given configuration file during startup.


Load a saved system state file.

-f configfile.uae

Similar to -config, but without the equals sign: will load a configuration file.

-s option=value

Pass on one or more options from a configuration file directly, without loading a file.


Opens the help, if available (the one you are reading right now).


Inserts the given image into the emulated CD-ROM drive.

If the last parameter entry is an orphan and nothing else was loaded, WinUAE will check if it is a config file or statefile and load it.




-0 disk.adf
-1 disk.adf
-2 disk.adf
-3 disk.adf

Insert specified ADF image into emulated floppy drive 0-3

-r kick.rom

Load main ROM from the specified path.

-K kick.rom

Load extended ROM from the specified path.

-p value

Name for the parallel port to be configured, i.e. LPT2:

-m VOLNAME:mount_point
-M VOLNAME:mount_point

Attach a volume directly to the specified mount point.

-W value

Hardfile specification.

-S value

Sound parameter specification

-R value

Output framerate in frames per second.


Enable illegal memory.

-J xy

Specify joystick 0 (x) and 1 (y). Possible values: 0/1 for joystick 0/1, M for mouse, and a/b/c.

-w value

CPU emulation speed. Possible values: 0 for cycle exact, -1 for maximum speed.


Don't show the GUI.


Start the debugger.


Enable immediate blits. Only available when illegal memory is not enabled.

-v value

Set chipset. Possible values: 0 (OCS), 1 (ECS Agnus), 2 (ECS Denise), 3 (Full ECS), 4 (AGA)

-C value

Set CPU specs.

-Z value

Z3 Fastmem size, value in 1MB blocks, i.e. 2=2MB.

-U value

RTG memory size, value in 1MB blocks, i.e. 2=2MB.

-F value

Fastmem size, value in 1MB blocks, i.e. 2=2MB.

-b value

Bogomem size, value in 256kB blocks, i.e. 2=512kB.

-c value

Chipmem size, value in 512kB blocks, i.e. 2=1024kB.

-l value

Set keyboard layout language. Possible values: de, dk, us, se, fr, it, es.

-O value

Set graphics specs.

-d value

Serial or parallel port on demand, insert s or p as value.

-H value

Color mode.


For the sake of completeness, these parameters are no longer supported: accuracy, gfx_opengl, gfx_32bit_blits, 32bit_blits, gfx_immediate_blits, gfx_ntsc, win32, gfx_filter_bits, sound_pri_cutoff, sound_pri_time, sound_min_buff, sound_bits, gfx_test_speed, gfxlib_replacement, enforcer, catweasel_io, kickstart_key_file, fast_copper, sound_adjust, sound_latency, serial_hardware_dtrdsr, gfx_filter_upscale, gfx_correct_aspect, gfx_autoscale, parallel_sampler, parallel_ascii_emulation, avoid_vid, avoid_dga, z3chipmem_size, state_replay_buffer, state_replay, z3realmapping, force_0x10000000_z3, fpu_arithmetic_exceptions, gfx_filter_vert_zoom,gfx_filter_horiz_zoom, gfx_filter_vert_zoom_mult, gfx_filter_horiz_zoom_mult, gfx_filter_vert_offset, gfx_filter_horiz_offset, gfx_tearing, gfx_tearing_rtg, uaehf0*, uaehf1*, uaehf2*, uaehf3*, uaehf4*, uaehf5*, uaehf6*, uaehf7*, pcibridge_rom_file, pcibridge_rom_options, cpuboard_ext_rom_file, uaeboard_mode, comp_oldsegv, comp_midopt, comp_lowopt, avoid_cmov, compforcesettings

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