This will select which Custom Chipset to use for emulation.

WinUAE - Chipset


  • OCS: This was the first or original chipset, used in the Amiga 1000.
  • ECS Agnus Uses enhanced Fat Agnus which supplies 1MB of Chip RAM.
  • Full ECS: This was the next generation of Amiga chipsets. Compared to OCS, they provided higher resolutions, but no expansion of the color palette.
  • AGA: This is the latest and most advanced chipset.
    NOTE: AGA modes do not work with 8-bit color depth screen modes!
  • ECS Denise Use the new ECS display modes with Denise Chip.

NTSC Enables US NTSC screen mode (default is PAL).

Cycle-exact Enables cycle exact chipsets as the real hardware for some games.
Cycle-exact (DMA/Memory accesses). Enables cycle exact chipsets just for Direct Memory Accesses or normal memory accesses.

Chipset extra: List of Amiga models to choose to select appropriate chipset automatically.


Keyboard connected Sets whether a keyboard is connected to the machine
Subpixel display emulation Support hires/superhires pixel positioning and borderblank horizontal hires pixel offset fully emulated. Requires more CPU power.
Immediate Blitter Does requested blits immediately.
Wait for Blitter Wait for the Blitter to complete operations.

Video port display hardware Selection of Autodetect, A2024, Graffiti, Black Belt systems HAM-E, Newtronic video, Archos AVideo, Impulse Firecracker or Digital Creations DCTV.
Monitor. Multi-monitor selection (default: 1 of 1-4).

Collision Level

  • None No collision detection used.
  • Sprites Only Collision detection between sprites only enabled.
  • Sprites and Sprites vs Playfield Collision detection between Sprites and background graphics.
  • Full enables all levels of collision detection.

    HINT: Full is not recommended because it causes unnecessary performance loss, and it is just very rarely needed.


Genlock connected Specifies whether a Genlock (generator locking) device is connected. A Genlock is used where the video output of one source, or a specific reference signal from a signal generator, is used to synchronize other television picture sources together.
Genlock type Specified type of Genlock: Noise, Test card, image file, Video file, Capture device, American Laser Games LaserDisc Player.
Percentage of lock between sources.
Include alpha channel in screenshots and video captures.
Keep aspect ratio Keep source width and height.
Genlock file Image file or video file to use.

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