Over the years, WinUAE has been improved to the point where it almost all Amiga software ever created runs without problems.

If you have problems to get a certain program working, look at the links page, there are some great resources online which are also frequented by developers.

Still, WinUAE is not perfect, so if you feel you need to report a bug, please use the following type of template with all bug reports:

  • WinUAE Version
  • Host Operating System (Windows 7, 8, 10 etc.)
  • DirectX version
  • PC Graphics card and the driver version
  • Sound card and the driver version
  • AmigaOS version (Kickstart and Workbench)
  • Extensions running (MagicWB, NewIcons, DirOPUS, ToolManager, etc.)
  • Amiga settings that may have caused the problem

Please be descriptive and as detailed as possible. The better the error report, the easier it will be for developers to reproduce the problem and fix it. Please see the Credits page to contact one of the developers.

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